Derrick Ndushabandi

  • Bio

    Derrick Ndushabandi is a visual artist based in Rwanda. He is a self-taught artist who chose to do art as a way of not only making life but more of a resurrection.

    “ I have been an art lover my whole life but it took me 20 years to know that I’d only be myself if I’m painting on canvas"

    Derrick finds canvas as a place to open up and put all your ideas and doubts on. He likes to explore different mediums in his works, such as acrylics, oil paints, and mixed mediums as well as applied on canvas. Derrick believes that art speaks to the soul and he always tries to incorporate this philosophy in his abstract paintings.

    “Finding my style of painting was the most challenging part of my career and sometimes it still feels as if I haven't gotten there yet but I don't want that part to keep pushing me to wonder around “.

    The artist currently lives and works in Kigali as a professional artist.

Anthia Loizou

  • 简介

    Benjamin NiyomugaboI is a visual artist who lives and works in Rwanda, Kigali.

    He remembers having art as a hobby when he was growing up. Since then, he has taught himself how to sketch a few things and eventually joined an art school in 2018. After graduating in 2021, he is now working as a professional artist.

    Benjamin loves creating from real life, and his passion for art moves him and becomes his inspiration to create.