10 Top Selling Artists of 2022

10 Top Selling Artists of 2022

2022 has been an exhilarating year at Return on Art. We have had the pleasure to discover and foster much up-and-coming talent and to watch the careers of our established artists develop at rapid speed. Now is the time to look back, and share with you some of our best selling artists from the past year. 



"My artworks are my way of celebrating the moments that make life unique and special, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary. Art has the power to show us what often goes unnoticed - it has the ability to reveal the magic of little things."
  Ian Bertolucci.


Ian Bertolucci's hyperrealistic oil paintings are characterized by strong contrasts and an uncanny attention to detail. Focussing on the beauty of everyday things and their power to encapsulate a story or awaken a memory, they capture the elements of life that often pass us by unnoticed. In doing so, they showcase their interpretation of the world and illuminate the many small experiences that make life worth living. 


Bears Rhytm 4.

Bears Rhythm 4, 2022
Oil on Canvas


"There is an inherent power to each colour and sometimes that can only be released when played against another colour." 


Derick Smith.

Derick Smith's powerful artworks are an exploration of the medium of painting. The artist pushes its boundaries, imbuing his pieces with a textural, almost sculptural quality. His work is the product of an extensive investigation into meaning-making and portrays a visual dialogue between vibrant colours that seem to, quite literally, leap off the surface.


Future love.

Future Love, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas and Panel 



"Art can make you see the world in a different way – it can give you something better or worse – the important thing is that it gives you something."

Daniele Fortuna.

Growing up in Italy, Daniele Fortuna had always been fascinated by the figures of ancient mythology and the dream-worlds they represent. Today, he brings these childhood heroes to life and gives them a third dimension in the form of intricate wooden sculptures with a splash of contemporary colour. His unique statues consist of individual pieces of wood that are cut by hand, assembled like a puzzle and hand-painted, transforming the original material beyond recognition. 

Delicate Venus.

Delicate Venus, 2022
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Wood


"Life is not straightforward and flat, and neither is my work. People have layers, and so do my pieces. Things are not always what they seem on the surface. One should always look deeper and not just accept the initial perception at face value."


Danielle Rovetti.

Working across media to include concrete, oils, raw canvas and resin, Danielle Rovetti's pieces often blur the border between painting and sculpture. The artist investigates our multi-layered reality through a textural form of expression that invites the viewer to experience the work viscerally. It urges us to pursue the temptation to go deeper, to dive below the surface, to dig within.

Her scream.

Her Scream, 2022
Oil on Canvas



"I hope that my work evokes feelings of joy in each viewer. I want them to look at it and see something powerful within it."


Piper Bridwell.

Texture, daring colours and layers of thick sentiment are what define the artworks of American artist Piper Bridwell. Her pieces are bold, with a thick textured surface that you just want to reach out and touch. They seem deceptively minimal, yet convey an exuberance that cannot but put a smile on the viewer's face. Bridwell describes her work as an overflow from her heart to her hands - as a direct expression of her own emotions and upbeat personality. 

Piper Bridwell.

See the Light, 2022
Mixed Media on Vintage Frame 



"I have to admit, I often feel like a slave to colour. Like it has a power over me. I’m inspired by the optical effects that colours can have together and the movement, distortions, and tension this creates for the viewer." 

Daniel Freaker.


Daniel Freaker's captivating paintings often seem to be mere fragments of a broader narrative. They occupy a space between the abstract and the figurative, as their relatable subject matter is rendered through a rich tapestry of interwoven processes that add a complex textural quality to the work. The moments depicted seem reminiscent of movie scenes or more personal experiences, while the radiant colours evoke a longing for warmth, connection, loss, vulnerability, or loneliness.  


Brave together.

Brave Together, 2022
Acrylic, Spray Paint and Marker on Canvas


"We like to experiment with anything that can be used as an art tool. We never get bored of reinventing ourselves."
Matteo Mauro.


Italian artist Matteo Mauro mixes analogue and digital tools to create artworks with a distinctly contemporary flair. His captivating sculptures reference artistic legacy, yet provide a refreshing take on a classic genre. With his team at Matteo Mauro Studio, the artist creates a broad array of artworks across multiple genres, including sculpture, paintings, video art, installations, and augmented reality pieces.  


She II.
SHE II, 2021
Hand-Processed Resin Casting and Gold



"Since childhood, I have been fascinated by flowers. I remember how, back in the day, my grandmother’s garden was full of flowering plants. I could smell them as I ran by. I will never forget their beauty."  

Oksana Vinnichenko.


Oksana Vinnichenko discovered her talent only in 2019 and quickly developed a true-to-life painting style in which she showcases an incredible eye for detail. Her floral subjects seem to come alive and almost protrude from the canvas, while an intricate play of light and shadow adds an air of mystery to her works. Highlighting the fragility and delicate uniqueness of each petal, the artist aims to convey the beauty that can be found in nature as well as everyday life.


Hidden beauty II.

Hidden Beauty I, 2022
Oil on Linen



"Although the world is changing rapidly, there is always a place for art in this chaos. You just have to make a little effort to find that place."



Prozzorrr is the alias of interior designers and contemporary artists Vladyslav Prozorenko and Diana Tarhonii. The couple met at the Kyiv University of Culture and Arts where they soon decided to merge their creative practices. Their striking signature technique uses woodblock letters to create captivating minimalist compositions. All pieces are painted by hand, and each work has a different arrangement and a secret cube that makes it unique. 



Naked, 2022
Acrylic, Plywood, Wood



"I like to find new ways, new paths, new techniques, new materials, and use them to convey a message."


Alessio Mazzarulli.


In his work, Italian artist Alessio Mazzarulli addresses the passage of time. Shredding and recycling the paper that he comes across in daily life: bills, receipts, invoices, business plans, and magazines, he creates thickly layered artworks that show a distorted glimpse of the past. A faded memory, eroded by time, the details of a face, almost forgotten – he captures these moments and incorporates them into his work to create a testimony of human existence.


I can scarcely.

I Can Scarcely (n.603), 2022
Acrylic Painting on Shredded Paper on Canvas (Mixed Media)

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