Nina Mayrberger

  • Bio

    Nina discovered her love for the arts early on in life, with drawing and crafting as her
    favorite leisure activities. Her parents were very supportive of her talents but, as most
    parents do, suggested she get a “real” job – so, like many artists before her, graphic design it was.

    During her design education, Nina discovered her passion for painting. The class was
    encouraged to paint abstractly, but she always ended up with something figurative on the
    canvas. Not that she didn’t try her best to accomplish the given task, but no matter how
    much effort she put into it, abstract painting simply wasn’t for her.

    Always drawn to symbolism and bright colors, Nina soon developed a bold visual style,
    dominated by clear contrasts, with clouds being a recurring theme. The artist wants the viewer to interpret her paintings for themselves. 

    The artist currently lives in Vienna, Austria, where she works as a graphic designer and painter.

Teodora Borz

  • Bio

    Teodora Borz is a Romanian visual artist based in Cluj-Napoca, where she also graduated from the PhD programme in the field of visual arts from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. Teodora works as a fine art teacher in the city's Art Highschool. 

    Teodora's artistic practice has morphed over the years from presenting frivolous aspects of life to presenting deeper, darker facets of it. Her latest works are born from feelings related to understanding the fragility of life. The symbols in her artworks often speak about grief and insecurity, being bound to an undefined space and time, wandering and seeking resolution.

    Teodora's work has been exhibited in different galleries and museums in Romania and appeared in several publications. Her work has also received several distinctions and prizes, such as the Grand Jury's Prize in the 2016 Expo Maraton edition, or the Frase Got Talent Postinternet prize - Italy.