Floral Motifs for Your Homes

Why you should use some floral motifs in your home

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Floral Motifs for Your Homes

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Luther Burbank


Floral print has been one of the most classic motifs in interior design. From the interior of the ancient palaces to modern-day apartments (like the one that former Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland has in New York), floral motifs never seem to be out of fashion. One reason for the floral motif’s dominant role among decorative patterns is people’s fondness for beautiful things, as humans naturally love aesthetically pleasing elements. Natural patterns of flowers also give rise to better moods and cognitive capabilities, which work to attract people to florals naturally. 

Home, one of the places we spend the longest time at, is ultimately the most important place we should put some into decorating. Beyond the reasons we mentioned above, there are more advantages to adding floral motifs to your home. Here, we collected some compelling reasons why you should start considering getting some floral motifs inside your cosy dwellings.



Floral motifs are extremely diverse and exist in many different forms and sizes. They can be abstract or realistic, vibrant or monochromatic, and classic or modern. You name it and could probably find any style within floral patterns. If you are looking for a piece of floral art in an existing room, choosing an abstract floral piece will be easier to get the right fit. Opting for more undefined and fanciful motifs can eliminate the stress of matching complicated visual cues to your existing space. 

Versatile floral motifs

Images by Canvas Pop


Depending on the style of your other furnishings, you can pick a bold one as a statement piece in the living room, or more accommodating one to subtly complement the coziness of your bedrooms. The colours of floral motifs are also varied, and can easily match any existing colours in the space. You can use contrasting colours to bring in some pop, but also similar colours for a more harmonious look. All in all, floral motifs are really versatile and deserve a spot - no matter which home space you wish to decorate.

Return on Art 

                                             Marija Zdravkovic                                                                                                     Oksana Vinnichenko    

                                               Fulfilness, 2022                                                                                                      Hidden Beauty II, 2022



Floral motifs can be extremely colourful and bright, which is helpful when you want to enliven a space. Floral motifs are often in very attractive forms and popping colours. Adding them to a dull space help introduce some excitement immediately. Illustrations of blooming flowers are a great choice since they are often in vibrant colours and give off a revitalising vibe. The trick here is to opt for something that complements the room in terms of colours and shapes. 

Home decorations with floral motif paintings

Images by 83 Oranges and Nordic Design


It is important to strike the right balance between liveliness and peacefulness in your home. A home that is too peaceful might appear boring to some, while a space with too many brightly-coloured floral patterns can be overwhelming. To void this, you can easily create a focal point in your place with a floral piece that catches your eye. Placing one on a relatively calm background or popping it in tranquil surroundings does the trick.

 Floral Motif - Return on Art

                                     Marija Zdravkovic                                                                                                                            Oksana Vinnichenko 

               The Secret Lies in Duration, 2022                                                                                                      Morning Sunlight, 2022



Floral motifs that are more botanical provide a very calming atmosphere for the space. Floral motifs are not just about flowers but also include attractive leaves and branches that are more gender-neutral. By choosing artworks that feature other parts of a flower, you are bringing more nature into the space and creating a naturally calming environment instead of a vibrant environment with the flower blooms. These also complement natural-looking furniture and thus creating an overall calming space.  

Floral motifs provide a soothing vibe for the occupants

Images by Michael Oxendine and Alexandra Gorn


Colours also play a role in creating a soothing ambience for the occupants. Neutral tones such as brown and greens are perfect for this. They are not only naturally inspired but also proven to induce a controlled and quiet atmosphere that feels both modern and sophisticated. Next time, look for a botanical flower motif with neutral tones to create a soothing home environment.

Soothing floral motifs

                                                Alexander Haywood                                                                                                  Alexander Haywood 

                                                  Rubber Plant, 2021                                                                                                        Astral Flower, 2022



Everyone knows that nature induces many health benefits. While it is important to be physically in nature, looking at natural visuals is also beneficial. It is proven that lively depictions of nature uplift people’s emotions and help in mental restoration. For instance, the neurobiophillia’s methods on the restorative powers of nature images suggest the effectiveness of nature views in alleviating adverse mental conditions. The floral visuals also contribute to the benefits on humans. 

Floral motifs help restore and reinvigorate minds

Images by Armin Djuhic and Tim Young


Studies have shown that while highly-structured motifs that depict natural elements in detail influence our emotional responses predominantly, the more abstract ones with much negative space affect our cognitive brain mechanisms more. Therefore, if you have a specific reason for introducing floral motifs to your home, pick them accordingly, based on what you want to influence. 

Floral motifs to restore and reinvigorate minds

                                             Oksana Vinnichenko                                                                                                      Oksana Vinnichenko   

                                                         Lily, 2021                                                                                                                               Fragile II , 2022



Simple visuals are more brain-friendly. Uncomplicated floral motifs are perceived easily by the brain and help boost mental ability. Introducing simple motifs is especially helpful for the classification and differentiation skills of the brain, which eventually influence our problem-solving skills, ability to deal with complex problems and prioritising skills. If you want your floral motifs to help you improve your brain capabilities, look for uncomplicated ones that won’t confuse your mind.

Floral motifs enhance your brain abilities

Images by Washington Post and Stephanie Harvey


Choosing something that is easily memorable and unique is the key here. For example, the singular and separate floral representation will be a straightforward choice. These simple depictions register in our brains immediately and are thus prompting the brains to remember and categorise them. As long as our brains find it easy to interpret, they will perform better in tasks in the long run. 

Floral motifs for your brain ability

                                               Alexander Haywood                                                                                                      Oksana Vinnichenko   

                                                       Calla, 2021                                                                                                                             Fragile VI , 2022 


If you are still thinking twice about incorporating floral motifs in your home, rest assured that you will never go wrong with it. This widely available and versatile visual genre has always been in trend and is advantageous on multiple levels. To find out what floral artworks we offer, check out our Curated Collections and find some floral pieces for your homes.




Cover Image by: Aliz's Wonderland
Sources: My Decorative, Forest Home Store, House Digest, Unsplash
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