Ana Sneeringer - Artist Spotlight

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Ana Sneeringer - Artist Spotlight

“For the most part, however, I’ve stayed true to myself. And this is the kind of my “art moto” – stay true to yourself.”


Ana Sneeringer is a Slovenian artist who lives and works in the United States. She started her career as a documentary director and turned herself into a self-taught artist. Ana travelled extensively due to her documentary journalism job, which inspired her to express her observations & learnings in her contemporary artworks. Living around the world and engaging with women from different cultures, Ana’s encounters resonated with the similarities of emotions and experiences everywhere, rather than the disparities of race or colour. As a result, her artistic canvas is a vivid, kaleidoscopic world of thoughts, emotions, and experiences shared by the modern woman.

Ana’s work surrounds the idea of human rights with a woman as a leading depiction. Characters in her depictions are often bold and genuine in expressing emotions. In Ana’s words, “Female figures in my art represent quirky and unique ladies of real life, enjoying or learning to enjoy themselves by accepting themselves as unity and converting this realization into the superior power of proudness and achievability.” 

Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

Being completely self-taught, Ana finds immense freedom in her artistic expression as she is not confined by any artistic discipline. Therefore, she uses different mediums in her works to experiment based on the subject matter - such as watercolour, acrylic and digital media. 

Ana’s work has been exhibited internationally across continents in United Arab Emirates, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Switzerland. She has also been featured on multiple magazines and art platforms such as All SHE Makes, Create! Magazine and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

 Ana Sneeringer - This is My Home - Return on Art




Q. How did the transition from being a documentary director to an artist happen? Was there any trigger?

Sometimes we must try several professions to identify the path we were truly meant to take. I did many different business roles in my life; and yes, one of them (my latest one) was a television station director in Slovenia, and then some years later, I became an artist. In fact, when I left my country, Slovenia, and my documentary tv director position, I didn’t know I would become an artist one day. Basically, over all the years while I lived in Jordan, France, Russia, The Dominican Republic and the Netherlands, I did not know I could be an artist even though I had been painting or creating something almost every day. And when I moved to India, I decided – through a natural and intentional process – that art would be my profession. In India, I learned to listen to myself and feel the sensations as I paint. Then, I realised that it was my calling.

 Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art


Q. Were you formally trained as an artist?

No, I am a self-taught artist. Being “thrown” into a task that you don’t know how to accomplish is actually beneficial. If you receive no guidance (just like me), you keep going and figure out how to do it. It’s like being a perfectly imperfect artist. I keep learning every day how to work with my art. I enjoy creative liberation and would feel trapped if I wasn’t able to have the freedom to express myself in my unique way – which sometimes an art degree requires from you.

 Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

In the studio

Q. You seem to have travelled a lot as a director, how do you think your experiences in different countries shaped your artistic style?

Very much. People on my life path have always influenced me. Each country and its culture grew more in me than I realised. I only notice these changes when I paint what I live or am living. And sometimes you see that strength in the weakest people. My art has always been driven by the strengths of people. In my work, you can find many stories and situations I learned and saw.

Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art


Q. Your artwork mostly depicts female figures in a very bold style. Why is female presence so prominent in your work and what is the style supposed to represent? 

For ten years, I cultivated my art practice almost daily. After painting for nearly five years, I finally realised that I was meant to paint women. I feel the urge to paint the countless other ladies whom I don’t personally know, who are surreal and are a vision of my mind with my soul in them. I see my personality in them - the confidence, the strength, and the unapologetic self. I do find a lot of inspiration in my thoughts and feelings. I’ve always been very hard-headed, regardless of my age. I have lived many “lives” of transformation through the many cultures I’ve experienced. For the most part, however, I’ve stayed true to myself. And this is the kind of my “art moto” – stay true to yourself.

Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

Work in progress


Q. The backdrop of these female protagonists often involves repeating objects such as cactus or wall-hung paintings. Do these motifs intend to carry any special meaning?

Indeed, apart from cactus and paintings, you can often notice subjects such as hats and cowboy boots in my art. I worked with the human mentality and grounding in the series “Making Decision” for Return on Art. The cactus here represents durability; bare feet, soft slippers, and Nike tennis shoes represent the grounding, and the faces on the paintings remind one to just “go and do it” – achieve those life decisions.

Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

Ana Sneeringer
Came to Get It, 2022


Q. Your work often makes use of vivid and popping colours. Is there any reason that you choose such colours?

I paint very intuitively. Colours make me happy, and I like having colours in my home. Sometimes, for any serious or sad painting, using colours can completely change the vibes of the art as it can bring the absolute opposite meaning. Colours greatly influenced my art while I lived in India, and I hope they will stay with me for the longest time.


Q. Where do you draw inspiration from, other than your own travel and experiences?

Mostly myself. Looking into myself through music, friendships, parenting, and being a wife definitely brings many inspirational moments embedded in my art.

 Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

Ana Sneeringer
Grass is Greener on My Side, 2022


Q. Has your artistic style and approach changed since you started? How did it change and what changed you?

It went from abstract art to fine portraits to abstract portraits. I did not feel fulfilled when I started expressing myself in abstract form. I needed more challenge, so I took pencil and paper and threw myself into exploring drawing and painting fine art portraits. Then, after years of working in that direction, I felt a calling to incorporate a more abstract and surreal approach in my paintings. So I did. Eventually, I brought more colours to my artwork and mixed more facial expressions into my abstract portraits.

 Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art


Q. Can you share with us your process of creating each artwork?

Blank canvas – bigger is better than smaller. It all depends on how I feel on the day. Usually, the canvas stands alone for a few days, sometimes weeks, while I gather “experience” and attitude that I will transfer onto the canvas. My go-to reference for the pose is Pinterest. If I can’t find it there, I take photos of myself as a reference. Once I have the reference, I sketch with a pencil on canvas. Usually, the sketch changes as I start painting, but still maintains the message I want to convey. Sometimes, my sketches start from a mouth or an eye, and then I build up to a full face or figure. When I am often intuitive when I paint, I tend to follow the feeling at that moment. I also sit a lot and study my art. Sometimes, I need to “talk” to the colours to combine them, but most of the time, the colour combination comes naturally to me. I carry on with painting until I finish the whole piece. I usually work on one painting at a time unless it is for exhibition.

 Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

Self-pose for painting reference


Q. Do you have a proudest piece of artwork to share?

I am very much proud of every single piece I’ve made. But if I do have to choose one, it is a piece of work that is exhibited in Salar Jung, Hyderabad, one of the three National museums in India. I had been invited as a guest painter to paint with MFA students of Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University from Hyderabad, India `for a group exhibition on Women’s Day in March 2020. That’s an incredibly rare opportunity that happens to women in India.

 Ana Sneeringer - Return on Art

Ana Sneeringer 
One Step at the Time, 2022

Q. Could you describe your work in 3 words?

Forceful, Bold, Direct

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