Buying Art

Where is the shipment with my artwork coming from?

Almost all artworks are dispatched from the artist’s studio directly. Your shipment will therefore be coming from their country of residence.

Will I pay customs & import duties on top of the shipping costs?

Possibly. As we work with artists from all over the world, your shipment may be subject to Customs and Excise Duty as well as Value Added Tax payment. The regulations differ from country to country. Please check what custom charges may be applicable in your country of residence.

Can you lower the value on my invoice to avoid import duties?

Unfortunately not. All shipment must be shipped with a commercial invoice declaring the true value of the artwork. This way, your artwork will also be fully insured during transit.

Can I combine shipments?

This varies. If you order several artworks from one artist in the same transaction, these will most likely be combined (depending on the size of the artworks) and your shipping fee will automatically be adjusted accordingly. Shipments from different artists however, will not be combined. If you have ordered multiple artworks from one artist in separate transactions these shipments may be combined; this does however not affect the shipping charges that have already been paid upon checkout.

How long will it take for my artwork to be shipped?

This varies. We do everything we can to ship your artwork as soon as possible. However, we also want to make sure that all artworks are prepared for transit with care to be able to ensure a safe journey. It can therefore take up to 5 working days for your artwork to be sent out. If your artwork still needs to be framed, it may take longer for your artwork to be ready for shipment.

Can I follow the shipment of my artwork with a tracking number?

Yes. As soon as your artwork has been shipped, you will receive an email from DHL with the relevant tracking information so that you can follow your shipment directly. If you did not receive this email, please make sure to check your spam folder. If you still have concerns, contact shipping@returnonart.comwith your order number for more information. Please allow some time for your shipment to be sent - our artists take great care in preparing your artwork for shipment.

Why have I been contacted by customs for extra information or documentation?

Import regulations vary per country. While we provide all required documents with your shipment, it may be that your local customs office or DHL contacts you to ask for additional proof in the form of a bank statement, a receipt of purchase, or other. If you are asked for any documentation that you cannot provide, please contact

Where is my Certificate of Authenticity?

Your Certificate of Authenticity will be sent directly from our offices in Vienna. This means that it may arrive after the delivery of your artwork.

I received a Certificate of Authenticity, but where is my artwork?

The Certificate of Authenticity is sent from our offices in Vienna, while your artwork is shipped directly from the studio of the artist. It can therefore occur that the certificate reaches you before the artwork does. Please be assured that your artwork is already on its way.

What is a Private View?

A Private View is an early viewing of soon to be publicly released artworks. When you are invited to a Private View, you get the chance to purchase artworks before they are released on the website for everyone to see and buy. On our website we have a ‘Private Viewing room’ which is accessible via email invitation only.

How do I get access to Private Views?

When you have purchased your first artwork you will be added to the Private View email list and automatically gain access to these early releases. You can also sign up to be on this list: just look for Private View in the footer of our website and leave your email address to be invited.

My artwork does not quite live up to my expectations - can I return it?

Yes. You have 14 days from the delivery of your artwork to apply for a return. Just contact shipping@returnonart.comwith your order number.

My artwork was damaged in transit - what now?

If your artwork arrives damaged, please make sure to take several photos of the artwork, the damaged area as well as the packaging and contactshipping@returnonart.comdirectly. We will be happy to assess the situation together and find the best possible solution.

How does the return process work?

If you would like to return an artwork, we will issue a return label and a waybill number which allows you to schedule a collection at a time that is most convenient for you. Whether you are returning an artwork because it did not meet your expectations or because it was damaged in transit, it is essential that you wrap the artwork as carefully and securely as possible. We will process your refund via your original payment method once the artwork has arrived at the artist in the same condition as when it was delivered to you.

I returned an artwork - how long will it take for my refund to be processed?

We will process your refund via your original payment method as soon as the artwork has been delivered back to the artist. Depending on the processing time of your bank, it may take a few days before it is visible in your account.

How much of what I pay goes to the artist?

We charge a commission of 25% - the lowest in the business. The rest of the artwork price goes to the artist. This way we aim to foster and support new talent from all over the world.


How does Return on Art work?

Much like a traditional gallery, we work with a number of artists that have been hand-picked by our curators. We showcase talent that we truly believe in and promote and sell their work via our website, our emails and our social media channels. When we sell an artwork, we charge a commission on the price for which it was sold.

How can I become part of Return on Art?

If you are interested in becoming part of the ROA family, please send your portfolio in PDF format to This document should include images of your available artworks listed with the following information: title, technique, size and optionally a suggested price for each artwork. Please include your artist biography and a short statement about your work as well. Your portfolio will be reviewed by our curators and if you have sparked our interest we will be in touch.

How long will it take for you to review my submission?

Due to the volume of submissions it may take a couple of weeks until our curators are able to review your portfolio.

Should I submit my portfolio again if I did not get a reply?

If some time has passed, and you feel like your work has evolved or you have chosen to take your artistic practice in a very different direction, it may be worthwhile to submit again. It will not help to submit the same or similar work more than once.

Do you require exclusivity?

Our artists sign an agreement for the artworks featured on our website only. These pieces are available exclusively via Return on Art and may not be sold privately or via another gallery.

Do I have to ship my own artworks?

We coordinate all shipping processes. You will be responsible for packaging the artworks with care so that they can be shipped safely and for handing them over to the courier. We will take it from there.

Who pays for the shipments?

The shipping fees are paid by the collector. You will not be responsible for any of the shipping fees - just for the costs of packaging material.

How much commission do you charge?

We charge 25% commission of the price that an artwork was sold for.

Can I pay you to promote my work on your website or social media?

No. We work with artists that we have hand-selected and do not do paid promotions. If you would like us to review your portfolio, please send it together with a brief artist statement to

Do you represent artists from anywhere?

Yes. Please feel free to send in your submission, wherever you are located.