Who are we?

We are Return on Art, a platform revolutionizing the way we discover, experience and collect art. Our mission is to make collecting art more exciting and art more accessible while supporting talented artists from all over the world. We aspire to revive the idea of collecting art; make it cool, personal, part of a lifestyle, and cultivate an interest in the arts in all generations. We want to share the power of art to move, to allow us to think freely and to express ourselves.




We are a gallery for anyone who wants to surround themselves with things that amaze and inspire. Each of our artworks is carefully handpicked by our expert art curators and exclusively available on our website. We select artworks based on strict selection criteria to ensure our collectors can discover art by some of the most promising up-and-coming artists that will not only hold its market value but will potentially appreciate.


 ..."We aspire to cultivate an interest in the arts; to revive the idea of collecting art, and to make it a personal experience. "


Artist Support

We care about our artists. This has allowed us to establish a large network of long-term relationships. We not only support and nurture emerging artists by providing a platform to sell their work safely alongside like-minded individuals, we also make sure that they benefit from our personal network of collectors, galleries, and market insiders. The low commission we charge furthermore ensures that the artists receive fair pay for their work.


Customer Experience

Offering our collectors the best possible buying experience is our priority. Our weekly expert curation of selected works is designed to help our customers easily find new artworks they'll love.