Jerome Tham Vo My

  • French , 1967

  • Bio

    Jerome Tham Vo My is a multi-disciplinary abstract artist. He studied painting, applied arts, typography, graphic design and visual communication at the Estienne school in Paris and works as a graphic designer.

    Jerome’s tools include painting, digital, sculpture, video, and interactive works composed of geometric forms in saturated chroma or enigmatic typographic games. The artist explores themes such as conversations and memory, consciousness and unconsciousness, the visible and the invisible. He focuses on relationships between form, colour, typography, graphics, space, and movement - proposing a visual experience that represents his optimistic world vision.

    In his work, Jerome takes the viewer on a journey where colour is the vector that intertwines forms and transports us into a chromatic universe. His artistic process consists of constructing a series of digital images, printing them on canvas, and modifying them with a brush by creating textures and producing subtle lighting effects. The paintings are interconnected but entirely autonomous, playfully celebrating freedom of expression through hand-made gestures.

    The artist currently lives and works in Paris.

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Showing 5 of 5 artworks

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