Nikolaos Schizas - Artist Spotlight

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Nikolaos Schizas - Artist Spotlight

My work expresses the natural and intuitive passion for the paint materiality and the instinctual appreciation for the emotionally-charged colour relationships.

Nikolaos is a self-taught Greek abstract artist based in Barcelona. He expresses undiscovered emotions and feelings through his dynamic and dream-like work, full of movement and colours. His powerful creations with contrasting colours are indeed eye-catching and worth pondering. 

Nikolaos also has a background in economics, which complements and balances his artistic side. Since he became a full-time artist, he has been passionate about exploring different expression tools and styles. In his work, one can always find traces of innovative experiments that use unconventional tools to create new presentation styles.  

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art 

Q. You were formally trained in economics but eventually became an artist. Could you share with us the transformation process?

It was a long-term process. I started painting in 2010; however, I’d never dared to believe in that until I rented a studio in Barcelona after having the necessity of being escaped from my daily routine. I struggled many times to find myself between an economist and a painter. Things went fast by experimenting in that studio on a daily basis. Currently, I am working only as a painter and am really happy with this.

 Somewhere in Universe, 2022 - Nikolaos Schizas


Q. Do you think your background in economics influences your artistic approach in any way?

Of course, art is my way of showing my reality and being an economist is part of my reality. I am a very hardworking economist and painter. If I have to do something, I will focus on it and do it until I have the desired result. Not only my economic background influences my painting, but these two are also balancing each other out.

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art  

Q. As a self-taught artist, what obstacles did you experience and how do you overcome these challenges?

It has to do with the fact that I need to learn and look for information on my own for everything regarding the process - like material, colours, technics. These obstacles are being overcome by practicing a lot, searching the internet and talking to artists with more experience than me. I always face obstacles (like in any other profession) in my creative process, but it has nothing to do with being self-taught. We will always face problems and issues in our daily professional routine. The more experience I get, the better I manage to resolve them.

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art


Q. You seem to be very experimental when it comes to painting techniques. Is this true and how did you go about exploring different painting methods?

Indeed, I love experimenting, and I have been doing it professionally for the last four years. So the more experiment I do, the more I will find my style. On the other hand, it also has to do with my character. I love trying new things and exposing myself to different challenges. Experimenting helps me not to get bored.

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art


Q. You use a lot of vibrant colours in your paintings. What is your approach to using colours?

I have been studying colours independently and used many different colours during these years. Therefore, I have learned how to use and combine colours. As mentioned above, experimenting is the best way to learn it. 

I will give some background regarding this. Five years ago, I suddenly started losing my hearing from one of my ears for no reason. This made me really depressed and frustrated for some time. I couldn’t control and manage it. I didn’t paint for a while as I didn’t have any mood to paint. At one point, I decided to come back to painting; all my paintings were a colour explosion. This happened unconsciously. I guess it was my way of releasing all the rage, frustration, and sadness that I felt during this period. Since then, I have felt more comfortable creating colourful paintings. 

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art


Q. Where do you usually draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my feelings, and this is part of the truth that comes with my paintings. I was not expressing myself for years, but now I have found the best way to do it by painting. I also get inspiration from travelling. I am currently in Japan for a trip, looking for images, tastes and smells to trigger inspiration inside me. 

For me, it is not always that the inspiration needs to be expressed on canvas. My art can also be seen as an expression of love, of my time spent with my partner and friends, or simply dreaming on my own.

Smell Green, Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art


Q. Could you share with us your process of creating each artwork?

To sum it up: mixing acrylics, spray paint and resin.

I employ various methods, from spraying, pouring and dripping paint directly onto the canvas, to using a mixture of traditional brushes and unconventional tools, such as spatulas. These methods allow me to make sweeping, gestural marks, creating acrylic paintings full of life. 

I am a self-taught abstract artist and my work expresses the natural and intuitive passion for the paint materiality and the instinctual appreciation for the emotionally-charged colour relationships. My artistic position tries to occupy a space between Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Pop.

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art


Q. Since you are so experimental, are there any other artistic approaches you would like to try in the future?

Of course, I am always thinking about what else I could try. I already have 2-3 different ways to try in my mind while I am currently painting. But this regularly changes as I have so many ideas that come and go. Eventually, only a few of the ideas get materialised. I will keep experimenting my whole life!. This is me; I always like to experiment.

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art 

Q. Do you have a proudest piece of artwork to share?

Yes, I do! This is one of my latest works that I have been proud of.

Nikolaos Schizas - Return on Art


Q. Could you describe your work in 3 words? 

Alive, dynamic, dreamlike

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