The Kash Collection

A Curated Selection made in partnership with The Kash Collection

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Editor's note

Curating this collection was not easy. There were many more pieces on Return on Art that I liked, but I simply couldn't fit them all into the collection. After reviewing every available piece in the catalog, I used three criteria to finalize this collection. First, every piece had to be something I'd be proud to have in my own home. Second, every piece had to be created by an artist whose work I admire, and whose future I believe will be bright. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, every piece had to resonate with me in some personal way. Sometimes that meant evoking emotions of joy, or anxiety, or mystery. Sometimes that meant connecting to a personal memory. And sometimes that meant dazzling me with the technical and aesthetic quality. Every work fulfills all three criteria, and I'm delighted to be able to present these works in a single collection.

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