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Top emerging artists of 2021

Discover our most promising talent

2021 has been an exhilarating year at Return on Art. We have had the pleasure to discover and foster much up-and-coming talent and to watch their careers develop at rapid speed. Now is the time to look back, and share with you some of our best selling artists from the past year. 


My artworks are my way of celebrating the moments that make life unique and special, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary. Art has the power to show us what often goes unnoticed - it has the ability to reveal the magic of little things.

Ian Bertolucci's realistic oil paintings are characterized by dense, bright colors, intense light, and strong contrasts, which together define - almost sculpt - incredibly lifelike forms. Their works, which show uncanny attention to detail, feature the common objects of daily life that can be found in most homes, but also elements of nature, animals, portraits, and much more.



Life is not straightforward and flat, and neither is my work. People have layers, and so do my pieces. Things are not always what they seem on the surface. One should always look deeper and not just accept the initial perception at face value.

Working across media to include concrete, oils, raw canvas and resin, Danielle Rovetti's pieces often blur the border between painting and sculpture. This way, the artist investigates our multi-layered reality through a textural form of expression that invites the viewer to experience the work viscerally, to pursue the temptation to go deeper, to dive below the surface, to dig within.



I like the overall mystery behind the fragments. I like to think of them as unfinished conversations and expressed emotions. Something that always lingers...

Maldha Mohamed's oil and impasto paintings are a medley of fragmented portraiture rendered in a contemporary manner with a hint of surrealism. They pose a visceral representation of human behaviour and emotion, as well as a reflection of the thoughts and dreams that dwell inside her own psyche. Their textured surface, their hues and colors, and the way she plays with light, give her paintings incredible life. Yet due to the shattered nature of their subject matter, there seems to always be something that lies beyond the scope of the canvas, something at which the observer can only guess.



At first, I did not plan on creating such complicated compositions, but often when I start painting, layer by layer the landscape starts to take on a life of its own.

Indonesian artist Dhawa Rezkyna takes the powerful, yet ambiguous, symbol of the flower, which can represent a celebration of euphoria, beauty, birth or death in cultures around the world, and contrasts it with the common objects of everyday life in order to represent an internal conflict between rationality, imagination, drama and irony. Fascinated by how they continuously adapt to an ever-changing ecosystem and continue to grow, much like people adapt to the cultural changes happening around them, Rezkyna cultivates his personal mind-garden, in which he continuously plants, fosters, and harvests the products of his imagination.



There is an inherent power to each color and sometimes that can only be released when played against another color. 


Derick Smith's powerful artworks pose an exploration of the medium of painting by pushing its boundaries and imbuing his pieces with a textural and sculptural quality. His work is the product of an investigation into meaning-making and intensive dialogue between exceptionally vibrant colors that seem to, literally, leap off the surface.


It is a struggle between chaos and control and what I am looking for is balance.

Inspired by experiments with paint poured over vibrating surfaces, Alex Voinea captures streams of color as if they were frozen in time and space. With an almost hyper-realist definition, the artist manages to evoke a hypnotizing sense of motion, fluidity and depth. Whether small drippings or large sweeping brushstrokes, his vivid, saturated colors seem to leap straight off the canvas.  



I hope that my work evokes feelings of joy in each viewer. I want them to look at it and see something powerful within it. 

Piper Bridwell's works are bold, with a thick textured surface that you just want to reach out and touch. They are deceptively simple, yet convey an exuberance that cannot but put a smile on the viewer's face. 



I am fascinated by the line between the known and the unknown. By combining figurative elements that are more recognisable with abstract elements that have an otherworldly quality, I hope to create a liminal space between dream and reality.

Alexander Haywood's practice explores the boundaries between the real and the imagined by infusing the outer - the landscape - with subjective inner perception. His paintings reflect emotions and subtle states of consciousness, revealing both what is unique to his own psyche and universal to the human condition. Whether it is through his use of perspective, attention to detail, or emotive expression, the artist aims to create an intimate and immersive experience in order to dissolve the separation between subject and object, the image and the viewer. 



The colour, the timbre is what fascinates me the most and plays a key role in my paintings. Searching for it, mixing, contrasting and matching them is like an adventure for me.

Malwina Puszcz is not interested in high flown and complex interpretations of her work. She rather wants to share her sensitivity than a message that can be expressed in words. To do so, she employs an extraordinary purity of form and timbre whose interplay seems to draw the viewer in and make the eye wander endlessly through a world of energetic shapes and vibrant colour variations.


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