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Discover their favourite artworks

This year, we got the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most stylish art-lovers on the 'gram. From interior stylists, to designers, to artists, we are grateful that we got to share our passion for supporting up-and-coming artists with these talented individuals. Find out which artworks they chose and why. 


I picked this particular artwork because I love how sensitive it is. All those well thought out layers of paper that create „space“ in itself. Its not just a sculpture of something, it has some kind of mystery around it if you look deeper into the created hole. I also like that it looks so different from every angle, which makes it exciting again every time it turns.



Walking through this room, I find myself getting a little lost in this work by Daniel Freaker - and not just because I'm sleepy. There is something evocative about this piece that keeps me returning to that End of Summer Daze. 


Richard O'Gorman

Every now and then you come across and artist who completely takes your breath away and Kristofer Salsborn does that to me. His work is futuristic, FLAWLESS and so dreamlike; I get egg, I get sunrise, I get my life! 



I can hardly explain in words how happy I am that this artwork found a home with us. I am still fascinated how good this splash of colour looks in our home and how it changes the space!



I like the atmosphere the artwork Day Break by Kristin Holm Dybvig brings into our living room. It seems like a unique piece of tranquility and creates a certain mood, making me feel calm and serene even on the busiest days. 



I chose Heart Shaped Cake by Ian Bertolucci for its pop art aesthetic and bright colours as well as the modern feel. I knew it would be a great contrast to our somewhat traditional kitchen, and it looks just perfect over the peninsula there.


Ian Bertolucci, Heart shaped cake, 2021


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