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May's Best Selling Artists


So which artists were the collector's favorites during the month of May? Scroll down and discover Return on Art's 5 talented bestselling artists: 

1. Golsa Golchini

Not confined by any one surface or the boundaries of the picture frame, Golchini unceasingly explores the possibilities of her medium. Much like her subjects who go on adventures, she continually strives to break out of her own comfort zone and to defy the rules of art in general. 

2. Daniele Fortuna

Growing up in Italy, Daniele Fortuna had always been fascinated by the figures of ancient mythology and the dream-worlds they represent. Today, he brings these childhood heroes to life and gives them a third dimension in the form of intricate wooden sculptures with a splash of contemporary color. His unique statues consist of individual pieces of wood that are cut by hand, assembled like a puzzle and hand-painted, transforming the material beyond recognition. His sculptures establish a connection, a bridge over time, between elements of traditional Italian art and pop-art expression.

3. Derick Smith

 At the core of the work of Irish artist Derick Smith lies an investigation into ideas of meaning-making within contemporary global society. Although presented as paintings, much of his work is sculptural in nature as it explores the boundaries of dry and wet materials  

4. Yoni Alter

Yoni Alter continually explores the realm that separates art and design. His extremely vibrantly colored works navigate and often cross the line between the figurative and the abstract - between form and space. In a playful manner, his pieces address notions of semiotics, iconography and minimalism. 

5. Vera Vizzi

  "I create, with matter and color, works full of thought; utopian spaces where everything works great or doesn't work at all, microcosms where the only obligation is to be small, very small. I love to explore a thousand facets of the human soul, using visual forms and metaphors. I love that the observer finds himself in front of a portion of his world, told by another voice, so small that it can be explored completely from afar."  

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