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Piper Bridwell

Artist Spotlight

I hope that my work evokes feelings of joy in each viewer. I want them to look at it and see something powerful within it. 

Texture, daring colors and layers of thick sentiment are what define the artworks of American artist Piper Bridwell. Coming from a long line of creatives, Bridwell was introduced to art at an early age, but it wasn't until later that she found it to be her passion. 


Her works are bold, with a thick textured surface that you just want to reach out and touch. They are deceptively simple, yet convey an exuberance that cannot but put a smile on the viewer's face. Bridwell describes her work as an overflow from her heart to her hands - as a direct expression of her own emotions and upbeat personality. 

We interviewed the artist to learn more about what drives and inspires her. 


Q. Did you always want to be an artist? 

A. I had no idea that I would become an artist. My mom is an artist, so I grew up going to art shows and watching her. I was always doodling on my notebooks in school, so I guess I should have realized some artistic vibes were inside me. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I felt the need to create. I actually started with a furniture refurbishing business. I did that for 8 years but felt the need to create something with more meaning. This is when I turned to painting on canvas - the moment I felt the oil paint under my brush, I knew that’s what I was created to do. 

Q. How did you come to incorporate picture frames into your work?

A. I inherited a piece of art after my dad passed away. It had been in the family for many years. I was not connected with the actual painting, but wanted to incorporate it into my home somehow. So, I popped a fresh canvas into the large ornate frame, and created a special contemporary piece for my family. Mixing vintage traditional with bold contemporary is exactly the style of my home and it fits in perfectly! I fell in love with the process of taking something old and bringing new life to it. It kind of reminds me of my furniture painting days. Painting on frames has brought my first love of creating (furniture), together with the deep meaningful creative process of art. 

Q. Could you describe your creative process? 

A. My creative process looks different for each piece. Sometimes I see paintings in my sleep and I will immediately write them down so not to forget. I will then attempt to create. Others come to me in the actual painting process. I always begin with prayers for guidance to set my heart in the right place. I paint with a heart full of gratitude. If I’m not in an expressive and inspired mode, I don’t paint that day. I think the colors, textures and even the composition of what I do in that moment are dictated by my frame of mind or mood. If I’m feeling super confident, I’ll grab hot pink, chartreuse or Phthalo green. If I’m in a more chill mode, it's usually blues. 

Q. Your work has a certain playfulness to it, is this a reflection of your personality? 

A. My work absolutely reflects my personality. I’m rarely in a bad mood, so my work generally feels joyful and upbeat. My heart is full of gratitude and that is reflected in my texture. The thick texture represents all that I am thankful for. The bold colors reflect my joy! 

Q. What would you like your work to evoke in the viewer? 

A. I hope that my work evokes feelings of joy in each viewer. I want them to look at it and see something powerful within it. My hope is that viewers feel love, joy and hope in each painting.

Q. What other creatives inspire you? 

A. I am in awe of so many other creatives. Singer Lauren Daigle is who I listen to while creating. Her lyrics speak straight to my heart. The painters who inspired me from the beginning are some of the greats like Mark Rothko, Cy Twombly, Picasso, Frida, Basquiat. 

Q. What would you still like to achieve as an artist? 

A. Continuing to get my work around the globe is my dream. Spreading joy as far as possible is what I want to achieve.


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