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Golsa Golchini

Artist Spotlight

I generally feel a deep joy to see art out of frame; art that rules everything by not having any rules.

Golsa Golchini, born in Tehran, Iran, always knew she wanted to be an artist. After moving to Milan in 2004 and graduating  from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in 2010, this dream has now become a reality. Today, her captivating works on canvas, books, coins, cardboard and more are highly sought-after.  


Not confined by any one surface or the boundaries of the picture frame, Golchini unceasingly explores the possibilities of her medium. Much like her subjects who go on adventures, she continually strives to break out of her own comfort zone and to defy the rules of art in general. Her playful pieces provide the viewer with an immersive experience; they become the protagonist of the painting and are transported elsewhere - to snow covered slopes or sunny beaches - to somewhere where everything is great.

We interviewed the artist to learn more about her artistic journey. 


Growing up, did you always want to be an artist?

Yes! Always! I remember I had many little sketchbooks in which I loved to make up stories and illustrate the whole story throughout many pages - each sketchbook was a story. In all my school years, art was my only target. This bloomed when I moved to Milan to build a solid base for my dream at the fine art academy of Brera where even breathing air was so inspiring.

You seem to constantly develop and reinvent yourself – could you tell us a bit about your artistic journey?  

I love thinking of art as a living thing with no limits or boundaries. I don’t like to stay in my comfort zone – it’s very important to recognize the differences. As an artist I think your path is a mix of doing what you are good at combined with always new approaches.

Has this been a gradual process or rather rapid developments?  

In the early stages it was a rather gradual process, while recently everything has accelerated. Two main things happened at the same time: the number of works has increased and simultaneously the number of categories grew as well. Sometimes, the artworks are very different from each other. I feel like I have always been searching for this speed and now I am ready to give it my full energy.

You explore and combine a lot of different media and surfaces - how do you choose your materials?

I never think, plan, sketch or choose them. They always come to me in very sudden and spontaneous ways -  my main characteristic in creation is that I never plan anything. This, I believe, is an attitude that leaves all the doors open.

Your works often convey a sense of adventure and vacation, is there an element of escapism there?

I never planned it!! All of a sudden, I was surrounded by people being on holiday! Seeing their tranquillity makes me smile. They like pointing to somewhere else - Art has this power to take you to different places, and my characters are usually in places where everything is great.

You made a series of three-dimensional works called ‘Books in Quarantine’ – do current events find their way into your work?

Yes, absolutely – books were only pioneers to what was is actually a new path that I am trying to build, where everything is possible. I love this approach to sculptures, and I generally feel a deep joy to see art out of frame; art that rules everything by not having any rules.

Do you feel like the last year has caused a shift in your personal or professional priorities?

Absolutely yes. My art has taken over me and everything in my life now and I am very happy to have the most supportive and art loving family. I feel that I still have so much more to offer, and this helps me stay happily in the studio and work a minimum of 10 hours per day.

How do you feel about the increased accessibility that comes with selling art online?

I’m a big fan of online art! I feel that it’s in great harmony with my idea of art leaving the frame – online galleries are also galleries without walls and anything without borders is powerful. Our generation is shifting many things to online platforms and we must have the courage to change and adapt to our time.

Is there anything you would still like to achieve as an artist?

Everyday I get to create around 2 artworks, while in my head I have created 10; they are always more than what I am actually able to assemble everyday. I would like to physically be able to be in harmony with who I am in my mind. I dream of having a team of artists in the future with whom I can put the door wide open and let the artworks into the world.

I had always dreamed of an Art that doesn’t need experts or professionals. I have always wanted people to feel the works and to be happy from what they personally have perceived.

What would you like your work to evoke in the viewer?

Happiness. That’s my one and only task - I had always dreamed of an Art that doesn’t need experts or professionals. I have always wanted people to feel the works and to be happy from what they personally have perceived.

You have been part of collaborations with other creatives such as fashion brands and musicians, what does this mean to you when your work finds its way into a different context?

It’s been great to see that I am a part of an Art that is without boundaries; I was honored to be contacted by such amazing artists and companies and they have always played an important role in strengthening the feeling that I am on the right path.

Do these collaborations add something new to your artistic practice? 

Usually, the proposals I receive are totally out of my field of practice, so when they present their projects, a new light shines in. These collaborations push me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new horizons. I also think that it’s important for artists to believe in collaborations with other professionals. When creativity merges the result is always more interesting.

Your work has been featured on the Instagram homepage, as well as in several print publications - has this increased visibility had an impact on your life as an artist?

Yes, I believe events such as these have a major positive impact on an artist’s path; They make the fire inside of you burn brighter!

What other creatives books, music or movies inspire you?

Well books really didn’t have a place in my life until I started to turn them into artworks - movies and tv in general almost don’t exist in my life - I use all my eyes’ energy in art during the day – but music plays a very big role in my art. I love listening to Einaudi, Richter Vivaldi, as an emotional soundtrack and I also like listening to speeches while I work. Alan Watts is my superman. There are also a few titles of artworks like ‘Clouds never make mistakes’ or ‘Fire never burns itself’ which are inspired by him.

What is an achievement you are proud of?

I am happy to feel this intense and deep relationship between my Art and myself. Art has somehow turned in to a matter of heart; it evokes a great joy in me, and this, I believe is something that I’m proud of. 


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