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Collecting Nature Inspired Art

5 reasons to invite nature into your home

A landscape painting is essentially emotional in origin. It exists as a record of an effect in nature whose splendour has moved a human heart, and according as it is well or ill done it moves the hearts of others.

— Walter J. Phillips

The tradition of landscape painting has existed for centuries and can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, as well as the antique art of China. Over its impressive lifespan the popularity of the genre has never waned. The variety of nature inspired paintings on offer is only getting bigger and bigger as artists explore new media and new sub-genres are added to the tradition. One could collect traditional oil paintings, plein air paintings, expressive acrylic landscapes, hyperrealistic florals, or softly toned watercolours. Whatever your preference may be, if you are serious about building a comprehensive art collection, nature inspired paintings should surely be a part of this. Even if you are buying art investment purposes, or to bring some colour into your home, there are several excellent reasons to consider landscapes and other nature inspired artworks for your next purchase. We have assembled just a few to get you started: 


Especially during pandemic times, many city dwellers took to the outdoors to form a closer connection with nature. However, it is not possible for everyone to just head out and see a majestic mountain range on a whim. Landscape and nature artists manage to capture the essence and beauty of those faraway sceneries or hard to find florals, render them in their vision, and give you the opportunity to have them right there in your home. So let yourself be transported on a daily basis by purchasing a vision of a place you’d like to visit again and again.


It has been proven that the things you choose to surround yourself with have a significant impact on your emotional state. By bringing richly coloured florals or tranquil landscapes in a minimal palette into your home, you can brighten up your start of the day or soothe your busy mind after those long working hours. A stormy landscape may just perfectly reflect your mood and transport you to a windy beach where nature’s temperament renders your daily worries insignificant. Whatever your preference may be, giving your mind’s eye something stimulating to look at will surely improve your state of being.


A landscape painting captures a specific moment and space in time. It has the ability to freeze nature in its constant state of transformation. A painting of a floral arrangement, or even a single petal, can preserve what will inevitably wilt. The artist takes a very specific fragment of time and preserves it for generations to come. If the artist has painted a vista that you are familiar with, it may even serve as a beautiful anchor point for your own memories and allow you to form a highly personal emotional connection to the piece. In more ways than one, nature inspired paintings have a timeless quality about them that makes them different from other forms of figurative or abstract art that may be more sensitive to trends. It is not for nothing that they have been around for so long, never ceasing to be popular among collectors and artists alike. 


Despite the fact that many people may instantly think of a classical oil painting when talking about still life or landscape painting, the ones you may have seen on the walls of the Louvre and remind one of old British mansions, there is actually a huge variety of nature inspired artworks that defy tradition and propose a new approach entirely. From brightly coloured renditions of grey mountain ranges, to still lifes captured in expressive thickly layered brushstrokes, or a hard-edge approach to capturing the scenery, there is something to suit every taste. Talented up-and-coming artists continually experiment with different media, techniques, and surfaces to articulate their highly individual artistic vision. So whether you prefer traditional impressionism, a more hyper realistic approach, or an abstract vision of nature, the art market has something to suit any taste and collection.


Though capturing nature may seem like a very objective form of art that mostly requires a keen sense of observation and a high level of technical skill, it actually leaves much room for personal interpretation and subjective nuance. Each artist may perceive the colours of a vista or even of a single flower differently or choose to convey the specific atmosphere of that moment in a different palette altogether. And every painter, as well as every collector, will conceive a work through the filter of their own personal emotions and experiences. So when buying a nature inspired work of art, you do not just purchase an impartial rendition of a place and a moment in time, you get a slice of memories, emotions, and individual experiences expressed in a highly singular manner.

A good landscape painting is not just a demonstration of competent application of paint. It must offer a feeling of homage to the subject.

— Keith Shackleton

So whether you are considering purchasing a captivating still life or a moody landscape, nature inspired art is surely a solid addition to your collection. Are you still unsure which sub-genre speaks to you? Then explore our Curated  Collection and find an artwork you’ll love.