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9 Best Selling Artists

Q1 2022

2022 is promising to be an exhilarating year at Return on Art. We have the pleasure to watch the careers of some of our newly discovered talent develop at rapid speed and to support up-and-coming artists on their journey to success. To give you, our valued collector, some insight into the progress that has been made in the first quarter of the year, we have compiled a list of our 9 best-selling artists so far. 



Self-taught artist Niki Hare’s word paintings are first and foremost about giving shape to emotions that can be hard to express in daily life. The work is highly personal, and even when, at times, the words are buried underneath one another, the important thing, according to the artist, is that they have been said. Hare’s unique use of color, transparency and layering is emblematic of her ambition to create a new visual language. 



Rendered in a highly individual color palette, Georgia Theologou's paintings center around the processes and experiences of the human psyche such as trauma, sexuality, or the phenomenon of ''synesthesia”. Fascinated by the exuberance of colour and the immersive quality of ambiguity, her pieces do not depict a specific person, but rather the essence of some experiential being - a fragile memory expressed in colour.



Growing up in Italy, Daniele Fortuna had always been fascinated by the figures of ancient mythology and the dream-worlds they represent. Today, he brings these childhood heroes to life and gives them a third dimension in the form of intricate wooden sculptures with a splash of contemporary colour. His unique statues consist of individual pieces of wood that are cut by hand, assembled like a puzzle and hand-painted, transforming the material beyond recognition. His sculptures establish a connection, a bridge over time, between elements of traditional Italian art and pop-art expression.



Oksana Vinnichenko is a self-taught Ukrainian artist based in Gdansk, Poland. She discovered her talent only in 2019 and quickly developed a true-to-life painting style in which she showcases an incredible eye for detail. Her floral subjects seem to come alive and almost protrude from the canvas, while an intricate play of light and shadow adds an air of mystery to her works. Highlighting the fragility and delicate uniqueness of each petal, the artist aims to convey the beauty that can be found in nature as well as everyday life.



Jessica Poundstone’s work is informed by minimalism and experiential ‘light and space’ art movements. Her research into colour sensation led her to, in part, let go of the limitations of working with physical materials and explore the endless possibilities of the digital realm. Fascinated by the meditative qualities of colour fields and their ability to evoke intense emotion, she continues to experiment with their immerse powers and the effect they have when becoming part of our everyday environment.



Ian Bertolucci's hyperrealistic oil paintings are characterized by strong contrasts and an uncanny attention to detail. Focussing on the beauty of everyday things and their power to encapsulate a story or awaken a memory, they capture the elements of life that often pass us by unnoticed. In doing so, the artist showcases their interpretation of the world and illuminate the many small experiences that make life worth living. 



Texture, daring colors and layers of thick sentiment are what define the artworks of American artist Piper Bridwell. Her paintings are bold, with a thick textured surface that you just want to reach out and touch. They seem deceptively minimal, yet convey an exuberance that cannot but put a smile on the viewer's face. Bridwell describes her work as an overflow from her heart to her hands - as a direct expression of her own emotions and upbeat personality. 



Born in Alabama, but raised in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Sarah Haynes had a colourful childhood. Her mother educated her aboard a boat built by her parents, and the sense of isolation that this created, contrasted by the stark beauty of her environment and the joys of the bohemian island life ultimately contributed to her development as an artist. Haynes attended the Charleston County School of the Arts, studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art and earned a BA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston.



Derick Smith's powerful artworks pose an exploration of the medium of painting by pushing its boundaries and imbuing his pieces with a textural and sculptural quality. His work is the product of an investigation into meaning-making and intensive dialogue between exceptionally vibrant colors that seem to, literally, leap off the surface. 


Whatever your reason for collecting art may be, these emerging talents are surely some of the ones to watch this year! However, we have many more up-an-coming artists who show great potential. Just browse our ever expanding portfolio to find artworks you'll love. 


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