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5 reasons to collect art

Not so long ago, collecting art was considered an activity only for the royal, the church and the extremely wealthy, who were considered the patrons of the arts. These days, many people still think collecting art is only for the rich and famous, while in fact, the art world has never been more accessible or democratic than it is today. With the rise of digital media, it has become possible to acquire original artworks from talented artists almost anywhere in the world.

With so many unique pieces at your fingertips, there are many good reasons to start your art collection today. We have listed only a few. 

1. To support talented artists

 Art collectors understand the value that art and culture have to society. By becoming a patron of the arts you strengthen the art industry, help up-and-coming talent to establish their name and support them in making a living by doing what they love. Building a relationship with an artist at the beginning of a promising career can prove to be invaluable in the future. Nothing is more exciting than seeing an artist who you immediately believed in grow and find a place for themselves in the industry.

2. To personalize your home

 What can bring more joy than living among artworks that you love? In a time when most people follow similar trends, displaying artworks in your home gives you the chance to add something different. It will elevate your interior and is a great way to showcase your unique taste and personality. After all, what can be more personal than turning your walls into your very own exclusive museum?

3. For the thrill of the search

As any art collector will tell you, nothing quite compares to the thrill of discovery when, after months of careful research, you find that perfect piece to add to your collection. Over time, art collections tend to become much like a personal diary and a roadmap for the development of your taste, with each piece encapsulating a memory of the time it was discovered. Many collectors fall in love with the adventure of acquiring art itself, whether they are looking for pieces they connect with on a personal level or in search of a great investment opportunity. 

4. As a long-term investment

This brings us to our next point on the list: many collectors consider art an excellent investment, as certain pieces can be expected to appreciate over time. This means that not only do you get to enjoy having the pieces in your home while you own them - in due time you may even get a decent return on your investment. Just look at those record-breaking sales that are regularly reported by major auction houses. Purchasing art from talented artists while it is still at an affordable price point can be an especially great way to make your investments worthwhile. However, owning artworks will not only add value in a monetary sense it will also add value to your lifestyle and enrich your personal brand.     

5. To create a legacy

Collecting art is more than a transaction; it is a way to become part of history by collecting important artworks and thus contributing to the cultural capital in the world. Not only is buying art a great way to express your personality, it also tells a story. Each piece comes with a unique narrative, whether this is encapsulated in the concept or symbolism of the artwork itself, in the artist's personal story, or in the way the piece is a reflection of the times. While some people may pass on real estate or jewelry to the next generation, art collectors hand down a wealth of stories and hard work in the shape of their unique art collection.

Today’s hyper-connected world allows us to consume goods and information at an unprecedented pace. Yet, we also live in a time where products have become increasingly commoditized, lack soul and individuality. A unique artwork crafted with love and passion tells a different story.

—    Amir Akta, founder of Return on Art

Of course, there are many more reasons to collect art. It may simply be what you love to do. Whatever the reason, we have all the tools you need to start or expand your art collection. Just have a look at our carefully curated selection of up-and-coming artists from all over the world to discover some unique pieces to add to your personal collection today. 


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