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Kristin Holm Dybvig
Norwegian, B. 1963

Cascading Vivacity 17, 2020

Dry Pastels on Cotton Paper
54 × 74 cm
21 1/4 × 29 1/8 in
‘‘Absolute delicious Turquoise, crisp and clear like an early morning, still sweet and dreamy. This artwork inspired the Turquoise Delight series, but are still part of the Cascading Vivacity series. Cascading Vivacity 17 was made as an answer to my longing for the long and light Norwegian summer nights with its soft and loving breeze and velvety cobalt turquoise tones. Perhaps there will be islets and reefs for the eyes to rest upon — almost like a Fata Morgana. You find traces of the landscape in the colour dynamics, the luminosity of the colours carry the seasonal light. Nature is not represented by appearance but by my impressions and thoughts, memories and dreams. I try to bring to life her beauty and my respect for mother nature in a variety of unexpected ways, capturing her vitality, bringing energy into my work. Turquoise evokes exotic images, its named after the semi-precious stone with the same name, which was imported through Turkey from its origin in Persia. The word ‘turquoise’ comes from the French for Turkish. The name is often used as a description of something cool and fresh like the taste of eucalyptus, an exotic locations like a tropical sea, or a glacier and not so much a hue with its own identity. Sometimes I can’t get enough of it and fill the whole paper, so I can breathe it in deeply and let it make a statement all by itself, adding a splash of excitement. Turquoise is my fabulous friend when Im creating seascapes or suggesting something fresh and new. Cascading Vivacity 17 gives off this rich vibrancy and enliven its surroundings, yet it has tranquil qualities and bring with it a light mood, giving freely of its youth.‘‘ — Kristin Holm Dybvig
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