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Daniele Fortuna

Italian, B. 1981

Heads will roll (Bearded Men Pastel), 2021

Acrylic on Wood
22 × 56 × 21 cm
8 ⅝ × 22 × 8 ¼ in

I have loved art from an early age. I was lucky to be born and raised in a family in which this was a shared passion; ever since I was a child, I have had the opportunity to visit galleries and exhibitions. I believe that my works today are the sum of many flashes of inspiration, emotions, and thoughts that emerged while I was standing in front of various authors' artworks.

However, if I would have to pin down specific artists who have had a profound influence on my visual language and in particular on my relationship with color, I have to mention Ugo Rondinone and his colorful sculptures, as well as Yves Kein. The use of monochromes and this particular intense blue was certainly an inspiration for my works. I still remember perfectly what I felt when I was standing in front of Klein’s works: this very strong sensation of wanting to reach out and touch them. They had and still have an almost hypnotic effect on me. When talking about color, I can also not fail to mention some of the historic artists that I have always loved, such as the Italians Fontana and De Chirico.

My latest works, in which I played with form by stacking neoclassical heads, are the result of my artistic experimentation and a profound part of my evolution as an artist.

In my artistic research I push to reinvent the classical characters that are part of our history by transforming them into something contemporary – a kind of reinvention of the neoclassical. I like the idea of them coming alive in our current time and becoming associated with contemporary dynamics.

If they were part of our story today - how would they be perceived?

In some of my artworks I have carved out contemporary words to reinforce this contrast and my ‘Neoclassic Pop’ approach.

I have always believed that it is important to recognize the "truth" in messages that come from the past and I want to reaffirm and update these messages through a new visual language.

Every purchase includes a certificate of authenticity and a pair of white cotton art handling gloves.

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Daniele Fortuna

Heads will roll (Bearded Men Pastel), 2021

Acrylic on Wood

22 × 56 cm

8 ⅝ × 22 in

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