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Kristin Holm Dybvig
Norwegian, B. 1963

Cascading Vivacity 01, 2019

Dry Pastels on Cotton Paper
33 × 33 cm
12 7/8 × 12 7/8 in
‘‘ Like a luminous doorway leading into something new or coming from somewhere known. The cascading colours are vibrant and energetic, catching a transient moment. I started this series after I finished "Song of Sanguinity”, a larger and colourful piece. I wanted to go closer to the colours and look deeper, catching the fleeting movements and exploring the intensity of the colour dialogues. In the Cascading Vivacity series I use windows or doorways as focal points, where the colours move towards or from, the cascading colours are set in a calm and quiet atmosphere, you get the feeling that time have slowed down. I’m exploring a small part of something large, stopping the movements and freezing time — like stopping running water or rays of light. I like to listen to music when working and this is inspired by music that moves my soul. This artwork is vibrant and energetic, powered by the inherent vitality and luminosity of the colours, the dry pastels give an ethereal feel and soft surface that’s hard to come by in other mediums.‘‘ — Kristin Holm Dybvig
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