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Veronica Romualdez



I love creating work that conveys symmetry and balance. Take a closer look at my art and you will find both of these in the use of colors and patterns. I enjoy working with both watercolor and acrylic - two mediums that are opposite yet complement one another - and I often use them together in my work. I don’t strive to create art in order to make the viewer think or feel a certain way, nor do I try to give meaning to each one. However, I do appreciate when it makes a viewer think or feel a certain way simply because they like what they see. It has been described by some as “fuzzy”, “calming” and “soothing”.

Focused on creating art that is visually interesting and balanced, Veronica Romualdez started creating geometric art in 2000. She is based in San Francisco, CA, and continues to create artwork with a distinctive personal style reminiscent of her background in Interior Design in that lines, shapes, colors and patterns are seen in much of her work.