Sonia Bensouda

French / Moroccan

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Growing up in the vibrant surroundings of Morocco has influenced my creative approach. Researching colour combinations and developing palettes is a significant part of my process. My background as an interior architect has shaped my passion for abstract geometry and composition. My goal is to combine these elements into a graphic visual language that is universally understandable.

I’m inspired by the philosopher Michel Foucault’s notion of ‘Heterotopia’ or ‘in-between spaces’. My intent through my collages is to playfully explore our relationship with real and virtual spaces. The simultaneous occupation of spaces, physically and mentally. Hence, two states of being. A conceptual combination of architectural, sturdy surroundings and dream-like, surreal aesthetics."

Sonia Bensouda is a French artist based in London who grew up in Morocco. She received her BA in Interior Architecture in Lyon, France and moved to London in 2014 to study for a Master's degree in Interior and Spatial Design at UAL - Chelsea College of Art. She continues to work as an interior architect and independent artist in the city.