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Richard Jurtitsch

Austrian, 1953


Richard Jurtitsch, born in Vienna in 1953, has been drawing and painting since early childhood. The main focus of his work lies in oil painting. In his most recent paintings, Richard Jurtitsch focuses on the depiction of window glass covered with raindrops. These ‘drop paintings’ are executed in a striking photorealistic manner, yet exude an air of mystery. They allow the viewer only to see the unclear surface and prevent us from seeing what lies beyond, to determine our place in this visual story.

“The window - in itself, a classic motif of longing - denies the viewer visual contact with the outside world as if covered by an opaque curtain, leaving what lies beyond to the imagination.”

Juritsch has been part of several international solo and group exhibitions in countries such as: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, USA, SA, Sweden, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Singapore. He has furthermore participated in numerous international art fairs

The artist currently lives and works in Vienna and Burgenland.


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