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Nourine Hammad



Nourine Hammad is an Egyptian/British artist based in London. She’s specialized in Hyperrealism. Her drawings are often interpreted as real and 3 dimensional yet they’re all hand drawn. Her work medium and techniques depend on the subjects that she draws. Some drawings are pastels (which is rare in hyperrealism), pencils, watercolor or charcoal that change depending on her approach. Nourine tries to discover the truth within her subjects. By approaching her subject matter honestly and without vanity, she strives to create detailed work that celebrates perfection and imperfection which coexist comfortably alongside each other. Her works are so excruciatingly simple and complex at the same time it’s hard to believe they’re not the real thing. Hammad, had several exhibitions in London and in Europe including one in a museum in Andorra in 2018.

Arabic letters floating balloons concept

I’ve always had a vision of incorporating my background and culture in Hyperrealism. Since hyperrealism is international and doesn’t belong to a certain identity, I decided to give my drawings a personality through this series. The Arabic Calligraphy fonts and curves is a unique form of art and I had to learn the different shapes of each single letter to combine both kind arts seamlessly.


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