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Miguel Ángel Fúnez



In my work a set of artistic and personal interests can be found, they are based on an intense contemplation of the animal world, and in an ironic as well as tender tone, I formulate a critical message revealing the destroying capacity humankind have on the Earth and the dominance they exercise, in particular, on animals. My aim is to transmit an ecological message, intending to raise awareness on viewers on an approach to the creation of impossible new species and images. The commentary formulates affects multiple plains: from climatic change to the clonation of species on biotechnology; from the estrangement as a warming call mechanism in the media to the analysis of the photographic, advertising or vignette language codes; from manipulation of images with the newest techniques to the survival of traditional resources... The mixture of technology and traditional procedures (retouches by hand with color pencils, collage, shades...) stands as an experimental means for painting, understood as a field of conceptual tensions in our present world: painting as an image.


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