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Michelle Farro

American, 1987


Michelle Farro is a painter and printmaker from New Jersey. She received her BFA from Laguna College of Art & Design and also studied at the Florence Academy. She considers her work a visual diary and finds interest in old photographs, overlooked items, and nature. Her work can be found in private collections around the world.

Paintings based on personal memories, family photographs, found imagery, and still life motifs painted from direct observation work together to provide glimpses into larger stories. Time and space remain ambiguous in these images. Drawing from a collection of words and phrases, I attach titles to pictures in order to give the viewer a context in which to view the paintings. While I am aware that the viewer will ultimately interpret each work in a personal way, a title is capable of changing the perception of any picture. The paintings create an archive of images that can exist individually or be viewed as an undivided narrative.