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Malwina Puszcz

Polish, 1992


Malwina Puszcz is a Polish painter who lives and works in Gdańsk. She cooperates with art galleries and auction houses in Poland.

I create energetic, colourful geometric abstractions on canvas. My inspiration comes from the artistic movement of geometric abstraction, especially hard-edge painting, established at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s in Los Angeles. Those artists rebelled against expressive abstraction, which was popular then. They created their own, impersonal painting style, based on covering a canvas with large areas of taints, which contrast boldly and sharply with each other. Their goal was to throw the content aside and concentrate fully on the form.

I hold dear such approach to the art of painting. Nowadays, we are surrounded by loads of information, opinions and stories. Using my paintings, I want to show something to my audience, share my sensitivity with them rather than give a message. The colour, the timbre is what fascinates me the most and plays a key role in my paintings. Searching for it, mixing, contrasting and matching them is like an adventure for me. I am fascinated by observing how the colours work with each other on canvas because the red looks different placed near the green or blue, whereas it gives another impression when it's co-located with orange. The range of colours is so wide that the opportunities to develop my artistic vision are practically endless.

The colourful areas in my paintings are shaped into different geometric figures, mostly in triangles. This figure has wide energetic potential, because depending on the angle of flare or the side lengths, it may be seen as static or dynamic. Each of my paintings is unique, I never use the same composition or timbre. It makes that all of my paintings make a coherent whole, whereas they differ from each other at the same time. I emphasized the purity of colours, as well as on the precision of workmanship. I do my best to make my paintings look tasteful. and to give as much joy to their owners as I feel during the process of creation.


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