Maldha Mohamed

Maldivan, 1997

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Maldha Mohamed is a young, self-taught artist from the archipelago of the Maldives islands who has been pursuing a career in art since the mere age of 15. Her oil and impasto paintings are a medley of fragmented portraiture rendered in a contemporary manner with a hint of surrealism. They pose a visceral representation of human behaviour and emotion, as well as a reflection of the thoughts and dreams that dwell inside her own psyche. Their textured surface, their hues and colors, and the way she plays with light, give her paintings incredible life. Yet due to the shattered nature of their subject matter, there seems to always be something that lies beyond the scope of the canvas, something at which the observer can only guess.

“I like the overall mystery behind the fragments. I like to think of them as unfinished conversations and expressed emotions. Something that always lingers...”

Mohamed’s work has been part of various group exhibitions such as at Galerie Berlin Baku – in Germany, as well as many solo shows - the most notable being her 2019 exhibit at Jen: Shangri-La hotel Maldives titled 'Hiyala - An insight into Maldivian Folklore'. Before committing full-time to creating art, Maldha worked at an elementary school teaching art to children. She thus hopes to be an inspiration for the next generation of artists entering the industry.

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