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Kristin Holm Dybvig

Norwegian, 1963


My artworks are vibrant and energetic, I explore the inherent luminosity and vitality of the colours, the dynamics of the dialogues, movements and flow, how the character of the colours are affected and change and how they appear in gestures, shapes, and lines. Colours speak the language of my soul and keep fascinate and inspire me, rendering unending possibilities of exploration.

Dry pastels give an ethereal feel and softness that’s hard to come by in other mediums and open up to a more intuitive method of working. I use my hands as tools witch facilitates a direct and immediate approach that suits me well.

I live on the West Coast of Norway close to fjords and mountains, on the edge of the North Sea. The elements and these old landscapes surrounding me is a source of inspiration with it’s ever changing colour moods.

Colour is my passion and to use them to create works of art is my joy. The last two years I have focused on exploring, strengthen and mature my art work. Creating works of art inspires me more than I would have thought possible, it brightens my life as I hope my artworks will brighten yours.

I was born in 1963 in Stavanger, Norway and I still live and find my inspiration here. I’m married and have two daughters.

I did my art training at Tobias School of Art in East Sussex, England, and got my diploma in 1997.

Colours have fascinated and kindled my imagination my whole life, always drawing and enjoying creating with colours, but different opportunities came and I made a career as an Art-Director. I moved to England where I studied Art and Art Therapy for 4 years, back in Norway I worked as an Art Therapist mainly with children and young adults. Drawing and painting has followed me through all these years. Two years ago it was time to take the big step and focus all my time on my artistic career, I’m enjoying it every day!


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