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Jessica Ruth Freedman



My journey through life can only be described as artistic DIY. I have never followed the rules. I failed my first art assignment in Kindergarten. I was always the child who wanted to be left alone to explore and discover. I've taken risks but also played within my comfort zone. I am optimistic and curious about mistakes. I paint because it connects me to who am I and to what I value. I am change, I am chaos, I am peacefulness. I am warm. I am thoughtful. I am adventurous. I am an artist who believes in creating work that is warm, peaceful, and adventurous. I paint lush botanicals alongside spontaneous abstract architectural elements, generating an intuitive space where elements can play with each other as they layer and interact. I try to elicit the sensory delights of travel, culture and discovery within my work. I hope my paintings carry the transformative power of self-reflection, contemplation, and joy.