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Inese Verina - Lubina

Latvian, 1986


My paintings are the result of studies, sketches, and experiments carried out daily. I am exploring environments where visibility is obstructed, where I can refer to nature and the element; the dark, rain, mist and water. In those environments I seek inspiration, find my truth and create new worlds and meanings. During recent years I am exploring the corporeality of paint, sculpture and drawing. The study of mixed-media expands to rock pigments, carbon paper, sand, construction fillers as well as experimenting with Japanese aquarelle and calligraphy tools in smaller scale watercolor paintings. I like to keep tonality subtle and carefully choose my color palette as well as self-prepare canvases and create my own painting tools.

Inese Verina-Lubina is Latvian artist born in 1986. Graduated from the Janis Rozentals Riga Art School and in 2013 earned a Master’s degree in Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Visual Communication. Works in different mediums, mainly painting and video art. Verina-Lubina has exhibited extensively in her home country and was nominated for the Art Academy of Latvia Award in 2016. Verina-Lubina’s artworks are found in many private collections across the globe – USA, UK, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Latvia.