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Fara Thomas



Fara Thomas, an Iranian American abstract resin artist whose work is described by two features: reflection and transparency. The smooth reflecting surfaces are coupled with the depth effect of the color transparency of pigmented resin. The shiny surfaces of the artwork contain the view, deflecting it into the picture’s environment; while the transparency of the color layers directs the viewer’s eye into the picture, opening up a depth dimension that at first glance seems to be imaginary. Details that are seen as a mere reflection turn out to be stable elements of the paintings. How do we perceive our environment? What is reality? Can we trust our understanding? Thomas asks all these questions with her works. Her work provides viewers with a transparent look into the image’s real spatial depth, thus linking the pictorial reality with perceived reality. Interested in more simple forms and color transparency, the works of Thomas plays with the impressions of depth, through complex planes and compositions. Her highly reflective surfaces serve as abstract mirrors to the viewer, mirrors which reflect our own position inside the space, and the possibilities of our relation to it. Pigmented resin is layered on wood panels and is then manipulated to build layers of color and space. Depth is created through the multiple layering of resins and the highly reflective surfaces. Thomas is interested in creating complex compositions out of elements that overlap each other, through a variety of planes which make the viewer’s eye constantly travel through the image, moving from one imaginary space to the other. These layers are built upon each other, each layer can be perceived as autonomous abstractions or dependent elements which create new and convoluted images. Thomas’ works forces us to slow down our perceptual behavior, which is trained to grasp facts quickly in our everyday life, these images allow seeing to be experienced as a complex process. Depth pulls the viewer in while the many reflections push the viewer out, inspiring audiences to ponder, imagine and feel. Fara Thomas grew up in Iran and moved to San Francisco Bay area in late 70s, she now lives and works in Newport Beach California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.


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