Eric Moore


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Artist Eric Moore’s primary focus is the innate beauty of color and its ability to affect us on a deep level. Inspired by order, harmony, and balance, his work explores the inexplicable way color and form can communicate these dynamics.

In his current body of work, the formal vehicle for these color explorations is the circle. The artist creates his work by attaching custom built panels and canvases to a machine that spins the work as he paints. This allows him to use tools like airbrushes, spray guns and paint pens to apply acrylic paint in seamless gradations and concentric color sequences that range from the calm and meditative to the lively and dramatic.

For me, my paintings are like visual melodies - simple and straightforward yet abstract and subjective, they resonate with the part of me that feels rather than thinks. But ultimately, I make art because I am deeply driven to create and share my vision of beauty. My goal is for you to experience the same kind of peace and joy in viewing the work as I experience when I am creating the work. By transcending our commonly held languages, I hope to create a space for direct and contemplative personal experiences that enrich your life.