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David Sprenger



Carefully elaborated perspectives and a wide scope for subjective interpretation are some of the keystones of the work of David Sprenger.

Influenced by the hard edge movement, orthodox surrealism and classic minimalism, the artist's works are characterized by clearly defined edges, carefully selected perspectives and high-contrast shading, striving towards sober structuring and strict visual order within an often dreamlike setting.

Impersonal figures, enigmatic objects, empty apartments and barren landscapes are recurring motifs in his vibrant acrylic paintings. He employs these abandoned buildings and unfamiliar structures set in almost hostile deserts to establish a contrast to the human egocentricity that is so often celebrated in modern society.

The self-taught artist was born in Liechtenstein and currently resides in Bogota, Colombia. His interest in metaphysical theories, modern architecture and a desire to combine and express both matters eventually led him to the realm of painting.

With its many modern towers, hidden backyards, colorful house facades and inconspicuous details, Colombia's capital offers the artist plenty of inspiration. The painter uses these impressions as "raw material -as a starting point to develop own abstract concepts, which encourage teh observer to ponder and reflect on their inner world.

David Sprenger's works are currently in private collections in the US, Spain, Norway, Liechtenstein and Kuwait.


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