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Claudia Marchetti



Claudia Marchetti is a conference interpreter, she interprets simultaneously other people’s thoughts and words, she embodies them somehow, absorbs their thinking and even feelings at times. Three years ago she experienced a feeling of chaos and pain and decided, in a split second, that she wanted to express her own voice, and not only other people’s voice, but not with words this time, only with shapes and colours, a pen and a sheet of paper. She started drawing without an aim, just as we dream. Since then, she has been drawing every night after work or at restaurant tables over lunch, or on a train while commuting. She held her first solo exhibition in March 2019 in Rome, at Dispensabile, Palazzo Cenci-Bolognetti and her was published on the front page of the Italian art and poetry magazine Monolith Volume. Her drawings are populated by symbols censuring or revealing other things, archetypes of romanticism, or animals and bodies expressing all the personalities inhabiting one person and asking to be heard and seen. It is an inner journey to a place where there is no separation between body and mind. A way to look at the past, to look inside and to look at the invisible world surrounding all of us.