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Andy Lepe



Southern Californian native, Andy Lepe received his Bachelor of Arts at CSU Channel Islands, where he graduated with cum laude and the highest program honours for the Art Department. In 2019, Andy took part as the artist-in-residence at the Carnegie Art Museum, in Oxnard, California. During his time at Carnegie, Andy began his newest series “Color Flow” which examines orderly, systematic, and interlacing objects in their relation to colour. At a young age, he would lose himself for hours at a time playing a mix of different games. Board games, sports, anything that kept his active mind in that childlike mindset of excitement and discovery. He often came up with “on the spot” drawing games. Entertaining himself and others was never-ending. By setting guidelines that had limitless outcomes, he would find excitement in seeing a wide range of possibilities in each experimental game. The lines he uses in his artistic practice set calculated boundaries and parameters that often shape his structures into geometric shapes. Colours, on the other hand, he sees as energy. The type of energy he explores is this soul-like aura he calls “human energy fields”. By combining energy with creativity, it's exciting to see the process of discovering something new through his art as it brings colourful life to each creation. To Andy, the universe does not exist without light that sparks the vibrations of colour. Everything in our universe is made up of energy and energy gives birth to light. As he paints, he depicts a unique glow in vibrant colours. This “human energy field” can’t be seen but is felt through emotions. When we meet another person, a rhythmic flow of intertwining rebalancing occurs. Shifting and weaving a united dance he calls “Color Flow”.