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Alex Kuznetsov

Belarusian, 1978


Self-taught as an artist, Alex was introduced to street art and graffiti in 1998. He set up in the post-Soviet area and Europe graffiti crew “True Stilo” and worked on streets under the nicknames: Liquid, Ners, Awek, Temos, Monk. True Stilo were the first ex-USSR graffiti crew who participated in international street art events such as “Meeting of Styles” in 2002 and later in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, and France. In 2007, Alex moved to Moscow and made his first steps into abstract art a few years later, beginning to work in the studio. After showing his work in Barcelona in 2013, Kuznetsov’s work was introduced to Switzerland by Speerstra Gallery. In 2014, he attained international recognition after multiple shows including: a group show in the Museum Moscow and at 1 AM/SF Gallery in San Francisco, a solo show at the MSK Eastside Gallery in Moscow as well as an artist residency in London at Distill Ennui Studio run by Alexander James. His artworks have been featured in galleries and private collections in New York City, San Francisco, London, Seoul, Hong Kong, Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Monaco, Barcelona, Moscow and Minsk. Alex’ painting practice is concerned with states of flux and impermanence. His process-led, abstract painting practice is characterised by a tempered gestural language where fluidity is a defining, key concern; and both, the process of erasure and the intuitive application of paint are central. Exploring a tension between control and chance, he examines states of presence and remembrance.